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Friday, August 04, 2006
Windows Mesa

I was downloading a lot of webcasts today from MSDN and a survey popuped so I decided to fill it out as a return of the favor to Microsoft. The surprising part is at the end of the survey there was a question which said:

Have you heard, seen, or read about Windows Mesa?

I am not sure what this is all about, but I think Microsoft has something very exciting going on in the background. I wasn't over with the Vista hype and there is something more to be excited about. I think we have to wait to see what this Windows Mesa turn out to be. Until then, keep smiling :).

posted by Zeeshan Muhammad @ 2:57 PM |


i totally agree. i think microsoft has some surprises in the lineup. no surprise considering their revenue beat estimates by 11% despite the fact that it hasnt delivered its flagship product.

the empire is about to strike back.

posted by Blogger Leo Efstathiou | 1:58 PM   

Windows Mesa is a Linux distribution

posted by Anonymous Anonymous | 7:43 AM   

Anyone at M$ found out releasing the above info will probably be sent to jail. That post should be deleted!

posted by Anonymous Anonymous | 7:44 AM   

Do not be so naive!
They put fake "Windows Mesa" just to find out if you pay attemtion to questions in their survey.
Windows Mess - that's for sure.

posted by Anonymous Anonymous | 8:38 PM   

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