Friday, July 07, 2006
Atlas everywhere

There has been so many things happnening at my end these days, and everything is AJAX enable, HA. I got an invitation to speak at Minnesota Developers Conference 2006 which is hosted by ILM Professional Services (my employer) on September 19th, 2006 on the topic of "Building Highly Rich ASP.NET 2.0 Applications with Atlas and AJAX". I have also started preparing table of contents for Real World ASP.NET 2.0 Best Practices. I am co-authoring a few chapters with my colleagues on the same topic I am presenting at MDC06. The main guy behind this book series is Farhan Muhammad, CEO and Chief Architect ILM. I hope everything turn out great. Will keep you posted of all the latest. Cheers!


Pakistan Developer Conference :: Day 2 and 3

It has been a little while since I blogged. I remember I left my last post to continue my experience at PDC (Pakistan Developer Conference) 2006 and how the overall event turned out. 2nd day was good, I took first 2 sessions by Stephen Forte and he was great as always. Then after the tea break I was so tired and decided to leave as there wasn't anything exciting left for the day. However, I decided to take Chad Hower session on "Vista for Developers" and actually I wanted to see how he is going to present Vista in front of developers. The session was pathetic and it had nothing to do with developers. He introduced Vista and its new and exciting features throughout the session I thought there may be a little glimpse about development in vista, wpf, gadgets and so on, but I was wrong. Anyways, I then instantly jumped to the other hall to attend Rafal session on Criptography in Vista. Rafal made my day and he was brilliant throughout the session. The whole presentation focused on criptography and whats new in it in Vista. After that I came back home.

I came during the 2nd half of the 3rd day of PDC due to some work. Took Hammad bhai's session and it was great as always. The next session was on CMS, but it was so boring that I left after 10 minutes. Stephen Forte and Richard Campbell made the ending ceremony an event to remember by showing an amazing demonstration of WPF in their ending keynote. After the rafel distribution and other boring stuffs I returened back home.

The overall event was not as good as previous PDC's, however I enjoyed first 2 days. I hope there will be a much better event next year.