Thursday, January 27, 2005
INETA's January Newsletter

INETA has relaunched its series of Newsletters in January 2005. It has awesome contents as well as a decent design. I really love this issue. The URL for the newsletter is:

INETA's other newsletters can be found here as well.


Friday, January 21, 2005
Seminar on Mobile Technology

I am so excited to see at Procoms 2005 website that they will be having a session on Mobile Technology on 4th of Feb. I'll be there insha Allah with my team as this year we are working on a project based on GPRS. Here are the details:

On 4th Of February

11:30 am – 12:30 pm
Seminar on Mobile Technology”
Expected Speakers

From Ufone

This seminar will put light on the general working of the wireless technology, how the services are rendered, how the additional features are as GPRS work the back end and the technology, where do the people of computer science, computer engineering and telecommunications fit in. What other technologies are in store.

Procom 2005 Website.


Thursday, January 20, 2005
Replace Passwords with Your Fingerprint

If you're like most people, you have more than a dozen passwords and user names to remember. Whether you're checking your e-mail for new messages, catching up on the news, posting to a Web discussion group, or playing games on the Web, you have to sign in all the time. Have you ever sat there, staring at your screen, wondering which password you set?
Wonder no more. Microsoft has developed a convenient solution for replacing all those passwords with something you don't have to worry about forgetting: your fingerprint. Integrated into some of Microsoft’s latest keyboard and mouse products and also sold separately, the Microsoft® Fingerprint Reader lets you log on to your favorite Web sites without scrambling for passwords—just touch the fingerprint reader with a registered fingerprint whenever a password or user name is required, and you're in. Just like that.

Learn more about the Fingerprint Reader.
See a demo of the Fingerprint Reader.


Wednesday, January 19, 2005
Yahoo! Desktop Search Beta Launched

Yahoo! has become the latest search giant to jump into the desktop search market. It has this morning unveiled its new program which it hopes will allow it compete in the growing war for scanning files on users' home PCs. The release of Yahoo! Desktop Search comes after Google and MSN unveiled similar products.The new program, currently in beta, has many of the same features as its rivals. However, it's claimed the Yahoo! program searches more than 200 file types and is the most comprehensive of all those released so far. As well as files, it indexes e-mails in Outlook and Outlook Express and it also promises to offer web searches - through its own search engine.Visit: Yahoo! Desktop Search


Beginning C# by Karli Watson

After hunting for about a month on book for beginners of C#, today I finally got my hand on this excellent book. Its called Beginning C# and written by Karli Watson with so many other writers. Its a must buy for the beginners who want to go deep in learning and making concepts in C#. The book starts off from the scratch so the beginners will face no problem in understanding the concepts of making Windows and Console Applications. This book is really of my time. Now I have to hunt for Professional ASP.NET by Karli Watson.

Visit the following link for more info on the book: