Monday, August 28, 2006
Windows Vista and Imagine Cup 2007

I went to Usman Institute of Technology yesterday for 2 presentations on Windows Vista and Imagine Cup 2007. The event went good and everything surprisingly worked fine on Vista, atleast after 1 day of struggle for running my demo on Vista I prepared for the event. But the demo always crash the desktop so I decided to run it on Xp. Display driver may not be that strong yet in Vista. The demo was made using June CTP of .NET Framework 3.0 and was built again on July CTP so it can run on Vista July CTP, lol so many CTPs to keep track off. The demo runs 7 videos simultaneously in the background and can bring them forward when mouse hover over them and will run it on full screen when a selection is made. Its an early version of the application I am working on in the part time and will talk in detail after a few days, or may be I'll post the source code and binary as well.

I felt people are most interested in seeing the AERO Glass interface in Vista, but I personally feel the beauty lies beneath it. As DWM (Display Window Manager) is the key application for handling those killing vista looks and all those transparencies and 3d surface rendering. Those who are unaware of DWM, its a full screen WPF application, responsible for managing all desktops in Vista and its also exposed as an unmanaged API for programmers which Vista uses natively. I found it quite a powerfull tool in terms of providing all those beautiful effects in our own applications. DWM is a huge topic to cover, so I am leaving it for some other time and I may also put some code examples to show its power.

You can download both presentation slides from here. Cheers!


Sunday, August 20, 2006
Cool Media Center Edition style WPF App

Mobilewares Big Screen Photos is a WPF application that provides not only addin for Windows Vista and Windows Media Center Edition but runs as stand alone application in WindowsXP as well. Its a WPF web application that will run on your browser and you can browse Flickr photos just like using MCE, very cool. But wait thats not enough, you can run it from your XBOX360 on you HDTV as well, now thats super cool.

You can download this application here and can view its screenshot here. Cheers!


Sunday, August 13, 2006
Insufficient System Resources to complete the requested API

If you are having issues with Hybernation in WindowsXP and getting the error "Insufficient System Resources to complete the requested API" and you have 2GB or more system RAM then you are not alone to be hit by this bug. You can get a fix by searching an unreleased and unsupported hotfix by Microsoft. According to them, its still in testing phase and they plan to release it with their next Service Pack. If like me, you don't have the patience to wait till then the you can search for the hotfix WindowsXP-KB909095-x86-ENU or can download it from here. Read more about it on Microsoft KB article here. I haven't seen this error again after installing this hotfix, and unsupported one but works for sure. Cheers!


Friday, August 04, 2006
Windows Mesa

I was downloading a lot of webcasts today from MSDN and a survey popuped so I decided to fill it out as a return of the favor to Microsoft. The surprising part is at the end of the survey there was a question which said:

Have you heard, seen, or read about Windows Mesa?

I am not sure what this is all about, but I think Microsoft has something very exciting going on in the background. I wasn't over with the Vista hype and there is something more to be excited about. I think we have to wait to see what this Windows Mesa turn out to be. Until then, keep smiling :).