Friday, December 29, 2006
Dubai International Airport

Here I am waiting for my next flight to New York at Dubai Internatinal Airport. The flight from Karachi to Dubai has left me with mixed feelings. Food was aweful, service is below average and overal experience was no where close to being acceptable. However, my 3 hours of stay at Dubai International Airport is exceptional. The airport is beautiful and the duty free is amazing. I saw Lamborgini and BMW there. Went to starbucks and used internet for free all over the place. However the internet speed isn't that good and I wish it could be better. The airport is full of transit passenger going different places. I am back to Dubai Airport after 16 years and I notice a huge change everywhere. My next flight to New York is delayed for an hour and will leave at 3 AM local time. Its a 14 hours of flight straight from Dubai to New York so wish me luck :).

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