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Wednesday, January 03, 2007
MVP for Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET

Yesterday I received an email from Microsoft stating that I have been awarded MVP for Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET. Its just like a gift I wanted for this new year. A very Happy New Year 2007 to everyone. There's more from New Jersey later. Cheers!

posted by Zeeshan Muhammad @ 6:42 PM |


Great (y).

Really, thats the news, i was waiting for indeed.

How r u MAN? where r u? job ? KHI? long time to see you.

Take Care, and really happied to know this!

With prayers
Wajahat Abbas

posted by Anonymous Wajahat Abbas | 4:59 AM   

Great news! Congratulations and many more successes in the future insha Allah.

posted by Blogger Muhammad Saqib Ilyas | 11:41 PM   

wow! i am absolutely delighted to read this :)
wish you all the bro. You deserve the best!
May Allah be with you in every good cause of yours.

posted by Blogger Hammad | 7:03 PM   

Hey sorry to leave this here off-subject, but I tried the contact form over at http://open-dictionary.com/ and got an smtp error.

Anyways I was wondering if you have a web service API? Something like a word lookup from an http request that would return xml. I'm looking for various word manipulation tools (like thesaurus and rhyming) for use on a domain research tool i'm building (http://domains.zinid.com for now).

Please email me back as I may not check this post ;)

- Anthony

posted by Blogger Anthony | 8:56 AM   

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